Comic Market 83


While I did not go to Comic Market last winter, a number of friends of mine did make the trip over to Japan for the biennial gathering. Comrade Akira lays down the details of these shenanigans well in his report on Japan and C83. It’s actually through him and a number of other folks that I received a number of gifts from overseas. As always, I am forever grateful for the many thoughtful friends I have.

Needlessly to say, I was surprised.
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A Day Off #4


Lately, I’ve been able to salvage my evenings. This has lead to more instances of me trying to find excuses to spend money on things. This really isn’t healthy, but I suppose it could be worse.

Dodging evening traffic, I headed out to Book-Off and Kinokuniya as usual.

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A Day Off #3


As luck would have it, I was able to take the day off on my birthday. I wasn’t so fortunate last year but with careful planning anything can happen.

Per the usual plan, it was a day to head out and spelunk around for things to buy that I clearly don’t need. For a slight change of pace, I decided I’d hit up a couple new places. This time around, my little brother offered to tag along so off we went.

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As mentioned earlier, I had purchased a tablet in hopes of making the move to digital art. I’ve been drawing since I was a little kid and had always held out hope that I would be able to do something with this passion for drawing. Unfortunately, I lack the natural talent for art and years later I can see where those deficiencies hamper my progress.

One of my main goals right now is to level up my skills one by one. Perhaps I’ll try following a guidebook to the letter. Certainly, a mastery of basic drawing would help orz

Random Finds


I’ve been recovering at home from a swollen foot/ankle problem that’s been dogging me the last week or so I’ve been at home a bit more than I have lately. This seems to be a common occurrence. In any case, I figured I was due back at the shop and after working the first couple hours, I realize that we had enough staff and that I was still allowed more time to rest. Conveniently, @khalreblic23 decided to come by for lunch after promising to do so for quite some time. After watching me mismanage the lunchtime rush, I mentioned having an urge to hit Kinokuniya, which he was all game for.

And thus begins our spelunking for today.

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After much thought about the matter, I decided to grab a drawing tablet via the folks at Monoprice after reading some rather glowing reviews for their rather inexpensive tablets. I’ve never used a tablet to a long extent before, but I do like the feel of the 10 x 6.25 model I picked up. Though they are no longer on sale, it’s still a bargain to pick one up compared to the pricier offerings from Wacom. As for which is better…I’ll leave that debate to the experts.

For now, there’s a high possibility that art may start popping up on here. Well, I certainly hope so.

A Day Off #2


So it appears that my days off aren’t as strange as I make them out to be. As per last time, I headed out to hit Book-Off, although this time I passed on Kinokuniya. I’ve been having an urge to pick up music CDs so I was rather surprised to find a few more gems…of sorts.

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A Day Off


These days it’s not often that I have a day off. And on the rare occasion that I could leave the shop, as was the case today, I decided I’d get out and hit the shops.

Kinokuniya and Book-Off were close by in Costa Mesa so I figured I’d drop by. I wasn’t on the hunt for anything particular, but I did come away with some gems.

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Let my people- HOLY SHIT That’s a lot of people!

As it may come to no surprise to anyone, I was once again attending this year’s Anime Expo in LA. Upon reflection that I have actually attended AX for 10 -straight- years…I realize it was only right that I write about this year’s event… in a vain attempt to do something more with this neglected blog.
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New Things


So, this WP blog has been mostly unused for the past who knows when and I’ve been certainly thinking about what I should do with it. At this point, perhaps I will just throw up some random creative things I may try to work on in the future. Perhaps start with something simple, like code snippets if nothing else to get me to program more. After that, perhaps some doodles.

Well, we shall see I suppose!